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Thread: $300 OEM CVT Belts for $100???

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    Quote Originally Posted by bicyclenut View Post

    Yeah I did read the PDF about a month ago (probably should have studied the photos closer) and the BMW Service DVD before I started. I had a folding torx set that I thought would work but these were too short.

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    LOL, no worries They definitely didn't make it easy but you're almost there!

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    Quote Originally Posted by davidh View Post
    LOL, no worries They definitely didn't make it easy but you're almost there!
    Finished up tonight. Was glad to find no surprises, no leaks at seals, very little clutch pad wear and belt in good condition and as others stated, 12,000 miles is probably much too soon to change, I’d guess it could go to 24,000. I did change the belt, only 13,000 on it but was in that deep and changing to Dr. Pulley rollers and sliders so with belt being only $120, why not. Won’t have to worry about it for 2-3 years. Was a little worried at the end with 2 extra screws left but after a break and looking over diagrams realized I missed these on underside of side panel. Never a good thing to finish a job and have parts left over that you shouldn’t.

    Not too bad a job to do. Could probably do this roadside in an emergency but would not want to with all the parts to remove and panels and who carries around a BMW variatior tool, a 33mm socket and a torque wrench anyways.

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