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Thread: Dropped my 650GT today.

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    I know this is an old thread but wanted to add a bit. A lot of people have a problem when coming to a stop, especially if they can't flat foot both feet on the ground due to the bike's seat height. I just stick my left leg out to the side as I come to a stop. This insures the bike will tilt to the left as it stops so there's none of that insecurity about which side the bike will heel toward.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tensixmom View Post
    I dropped mine today! (I guess I said that in another thread... oops). I did manage to get it back up (it fell on its right side so I did have the side stand down during the process which helped it not to go over the other way) and was very pleasantly surprised that I could do it. Maybe it was adrenaline...
    Maybe it was technique ... Or, maybe it was adrenaline. The key probably is to, #1 Know that nearly all of us have dropped a bike or two and if you ride in dirt/sand you've been down a bunch of times, #2 There ain't no shame in it. Happens to pros, too, and #3 Your bike may be a very important part of your life and you don't want it messed up....but you are A LOT more important. Get out of the way.

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    Uuggghhhhhhh I dropped it again the other day, trying to turn into my driveway! Well it's doubly properly scratched up now! So irritated with myself!

    Sorry. Had to come here to vent.

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