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Thread: New Paint for 2016 C650 GT: Ruby Red Metallic Clear Coat

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    I dropped it last year and picked up some nasty scratches. Speaking of that 6,000 mile service, does $225 sound about right? Other then changing oil/filter it's mostly inspections of everything. Estimate 2 hours work so didn't think it was too bad.
    Almost dropped mine yesterday trying to maneuver around in a gravel parking lot! I would have been very sad indeed. I have to remind myself how heavy this machine is.
    AS for service ... BMW shops burn you pretty good. My initial "running-in check" was quoted to me as $340.00. I negotiated them down to a little under 3-bills. For crying out loud, all they did was an oil/filter change and reset the computer.
    2016 C650 GT in Custom Ruby Red Metallic CC

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    What brand and color number? If I get a new one to replace my stolen/trashed 2013 GT (red) I will get the white to repaint it.

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    Don't know the number, but it's black. Doesn't sound like yours would work for me, but thanks. I'll see what the dealer says. And, good idea about looking for one before it goes to scrap.

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    I agree...that colour puts a new vibe into the bike...

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    They should have made it all red I think it would look much better to choppy looking with the red and black
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