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Thread: Roll Call Spring 2017

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    Roll Call Spring 2017

    It's that time again. I've seen quite a few new riders in the past 6 months. Post your username along with year and model of your BMW Scooter. I no longer own my C600 but I'll start.

    grey.hound_________________2013 Sport (sold)
    Gsheff ____________________2013 GT
    JaimeC ____________________2013 GT
    Rugby4life_________________2013 GT
    bicyclenut_________________2014 GT
    Bornfree___________________2016 GT
    Rifleman __________________2014 GT
    Andrew____________________2016 GT
    Grample____________________2016 GT
    Sparkrn____________________ 2014 GT
    SteveADV___________________2013 GT
    Lee_________________________2016 GT
    exavid______________________2013 GT
    sjambok_____________________2016 GT
    Kuip _______________________2016 GT
    dascooter___________________2014 GT
    dukdukman__________________2017 Sport
    kero________________________2013 Sport
    twoport______________________2013 GT
    hatburger____________________2015 GT
    iBob________________________2017 GT
    Suriyakham__________________2014 Sport
    Paul Meudt___________________2016 GT
    Danny River Valleskey______________GT
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    2013 C600 Sport (gone)
    2016 Piaggio BV 350
    Ducati Sixty2

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    Gsheff ______2013 C650 GT I'd like to see a few more names on the member map. Especially in Central Virginia.

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    Senior Member JaimeC's Avatar
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    Jul 2013
    Hicksville, NY
    JaimeC __________2013 C650GT (Snoopy)
    Jaime A. Cruz
    Nassau Wings Motorcycle Club

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    Rugby4life---------- 2013 C650GT

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    Senior Member bicyclenut's Avatar
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    Jun 2016
    Chicago Suburbs, IL
    bicyclenut ----------- 2014 C650GT

    I'm on the map (IL)!
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    2014 C650GT Quartz Blue Metallic

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    Okay ...

    Bornfree ... 2016 GT in Custom Ruby-Red Metallic Color Clear-coat (other modifications include: Passenger Backrest; Dual Hella Horns with relay; CalSci Medium Windscreen; Garmin Voice Navigation; Kaoko Throttle Lock)

    I'm on the map (FL).
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    2016 C650 GT in Custom Ruby Red Metallic CC

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    Rifleman - 2014 C650GT

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    Andrew Oxford UK

    White 2016 C650GT with an Aeroflow screen.

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    Grample Bedford UK

    Bronze 2016 C650GT Low seat, wind-deflectors, and CalSci medium screen.

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    Sparkrn. 2014 GT

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