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Thread: size does makes the difference

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    Cool size does makes the difference

    I'm 6'3, 295 lbs with a 33" inseam. Which has more legroom.....650 sport or 650 gt?


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    Hi Rob,
    I'm 6', so not as tall as you. I took both for a test ride, and I would encourage you to do the same. I hadn't even considered a scooter until a friend bought one which he showed me........he swears by the Sport, he test rode both and that was his choice. If you read internet reviews and watch YouTube clips, the Sport gets the edge. It's lighter, so nippier in traffic and easier to throw into corners than the GT. I was convinced I was going to buy a Sport so took one for a ride. Came back to the dealer and took a GT for a ride. My immediate impression was WOW! I didn't find the Sport at all comfortable, but the seating and feet position on the GT is comfort personified. On the GT, I feel like I'm floating along sitting on a armchair.
    Bottom line, for me it's the GT, for others it's the Sport, so you really must try both.

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    The GT is the way to go if you plan to carry anything with you. I do shopping and errands with my GT, it can carry just about as much as my Goldwing's saddlebags and trunk could with the under seat storage and the top box. Nice if you travel in changing weather, plenty of room for the rain gear and a week's groceries. I've ridden both the Sport and GT and really don't see all that much handling difference.
    2013 C650GT 1994 K1100LT

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    I haven't ridden a sport.

    I'm 6'2" and started riding at about 280. Felt very comfortable and I doin't think I looked comically large on the bike - it's a nice feature of being almost as large as one of the big K touring models.

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    When you get down to it these scooters aren't small. The wheelbase of my GT is only a couple inches less than that on my previous Goldwing 1800. Much more leg room than the Goldwing as well. I won't say the GT is a comfortable on a long run as the big Honda but it's close and plenty well designed for a long trip. Carries almost as much as I could in the Goldwing's trunk and saddlebags. I couldn't fit a take down shotgun or my AR on the Godwing when I went to the range.
    2013 C650GT 1994 K1100LT

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