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Thread: self cancelling indicators C650 Sport 2017 model

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    self cancelling indicators C650 Sport 2017 model

    Hi listers,
    not sure if this is an issue for previous models, but I hope you'll tell me
    On my 2017 C650 Sport the indicator cancels after about 10 seconds riding time or 200 mtrs travel time.
    My Rider's manual says this value is set by factory and can be re-set by Dealer. I prefer to half both values.
    I am curious if anybody has tried this?
    Axel in Australia
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    My 2016 GT is purely based on distance traveled after switching on. Regardless of what the manual indicated, for me it measures approximately 700 Ft. I was left with two options. Either switch it on earlier about 600 Ft from the intersection or simply manually switching it off. Having an auto off is a nice feature as others I ride with on more expensive machines often have to be told their turn signal is still on.
    This is the first bike that I've ever owned that has this feature and I think it is quite nice.
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    It is an "AND" condition. Time AND distance. If the distance has elapsed too quickly, then the time parameter takes over. If the time period has expired but it hasn't yet traveled the required distance, then the blinkers will not cancel.

    Everyone mistakenly thinks it is an "OR" condition. It is not. BOTH circumstances must be true before they self-cancel.
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    Thanks JamieC, makes sense and I shall life with it.
    Same here Bornfree, first time I ever owned a bike with this function - and I just need to learn to like it.

    So can I pp-the-ante ...
    Now I like to wire-in my emblem indicators (described in another post here:
    The little I understand of CanBus is that the 'computer' checks the 'load' of each attached accessory/equipment in terms of Ampere - A. As soon as it detects a higher load (perhaps also applicable as for a lower load?) then it switches to fault mode or switches off entirely. Not sure about the parameters to action this off switch, neither sure if it would switch off all or only this function with the higher/lower laod?
    Any clues anybody?

    Or am I over-thinking it and just should located the right wires and splice the indictors into them?
    Hmmmh, stuck ATM
    Axel in Australia
    Life is short - so donít be a dick!

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