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Thread: Red Warning light water temperature (HELP PLEASE)

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    Red Warning light water temperature (HELP PLEASE)

    As I travel on the motocycle (BMW c600) aftrer 40 km at a speed of 120-150 km/h a red warning lamp illuminates and shows water temperature, Just lowering speeds the lamp goes off. I check the water level and everything is normal (OK), diagnosed by the delegation BMW and saying there everything is OK, if i run with the same speed the red warning light is coming back. ANY HELP PLEASE !!!!

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    It doesn't look like anyone on the forum has had a similar experience. Have you taken it to the dealer to have it diagnosed with a OBD tool?
    2013 C650GT 1994 K1100LT

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    Yes the source to the official dealer and tells me it is occasional, if I start and push and hold for some time over 140 km/h then the lamp (with a sign of water).

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    Hi!, first of all, sorry for my bad english, Iīm from Argentina and own a 650 GT.
    The temp indicator is something Iīve allways wondered why this scooter doesnīt have; itīs an expensive vehicle, but no temperature gauge.
    I didnīt have temperature problems (thank god), but itīs goog to know there is a lamp that indicates de overheating!!!!

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