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Thread: Thinking its time to sell the BMW C650GT

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    Mine was done (for free) around 20,000 miles. I forget the actual mileage but you can probably find my tale of woe when it broke down around 300 miles from home. It was still under warranty so Roadside Assistance towed it to the nearest dealership near Rochester, NY (Country Rode Cycles). They initially diagnosed it as a failed seal behind the clutch which spewed oil on the clutch and belt. Although the clutch and belt are normally considered "wear items" they were replaced since they were damaged by the failure of a covered part.

    Of course, once they put it all back together again they discovered they hadn't fixed the actual problem I was having, and that turned out to be the rear wheel bearing was falling apart so they had to replace that too. All the repair work and towing was covered but unfortunately I still had to pay my own airfare and cab fare to pick it up and ride it home but I think the worst is past. Not sure when this replacement belt may need to be replaced. I haven't yet brought it in for its 30K service yet (just haven't had the time since I got back from Pittsburgh).
    Aside from the failure in-between services, it sounds like a service inspection might have revealed the "oil in the wrong place problem." I like mechanics to inspect. (I now feel like I've really hijacked the thread.) However, excessive bogus service costs have been a significant influence on how the bikes are perceived. I was getting frustrated thinking I'll pay for a new bike in service costs every 5 years which was crazy - replacing the same expensive dumb parts over and over.

    I've said it elsewhere but the BMW NA customer service was crystal clear because I made them say it more than once: There is no mandatory replacement of anything on these bikes. Its all about a professional inspection and judgment. We've been basically screwed by *some* dealers pushing the line about mandatory replacements of things that have service life and do not need to be replaced - and if they aren't replaced our warranty will not be voided. Having said that, I am very pleased with my current dealer and they will always get my service and future purchases.
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    Twoport - I agree and thanks again. My dealer (only one in St. Louis, which is another issue) has not said anything about mandatory service, however, I have only utilized them for a bad battery and faulty water pump, both of which materialized in the first couple of thousand miles. My warranty is long gone as I'm only at 9200 miles and past my 3 years. Frankly I find the 36,000 mile warranty for first 3 years funny as the vast majority of folks are like me and never get anywhere close to that number after 3 years. Good marketing fluff I guess.

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    The bike is regularly serviced every 6,000 miles by a mechanic I've known literally for decades. The seal failure is apparently NOT uncommon as I've seen a few reported here in this forum as well. The rear wheel bearing failure rubs me the wrong way because somewhere along the line, BMW seems to have forgotten how to design or manufacture rear wheel bearings. The internet is rife with reports of failed rear-wheel bearings in BMW motorcycles from my 1999 BMW K1200LT to the new (hollow axle) design that was SUPPOSED to be lifetime-sealed but turned out to be even worse than the design it replaced. The scooters use a different bearing and now that one failed too? C'mon, BMW! Get your act together.

    My 1985 K100 had over 150,000 on the original bearing (the bike was stolen with 158,000 miles on the odometer so I don't know how long it would've lasted). The original bearing on the K1200LT (which was supposedly the same part number) failed at 40,000 miles (but less than three years) and it was replaced under warranty (despite it happening beyond 36,000 miles). The replacement bearing lasted 140,000 miles before it had to be replaced again. I guess I can live with that, BUT it is still annoying (especially since I had to pay for it that time).
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    Silverwing scooters routinely go 25,000 miles or so before needing CVT changing. Thanks to Skutor I have one of those $90 Mitsobishi CVT belts on hand. Same belt one third the price. I'll check it when I hit 15,000 miles and change it if it needs to be. About all I do to the drive line is check the chain slack and oil. My bike is a '13 so it's out of warranty which means I will take it to the dealer for certain services and do the rest myself. I don't plan on checking the valve clearances until the bike has 30k or so on it. Most shim and bucket valves don't change much over time. Basically oil changes, and routine stuff I'll do but most of the rest I'll have the dealer here do for me. It'll cost more but we are lucky in having an excellent BMW dealer here who does good work at reasonable prices. I ride the bike hard, no dainty throttle hand here and I'll pay what it takes to keep it going. I'm about ready for my third set of tires at a bit over 10,000 miles. No chicken strips on my tires.
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