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Thread: chain adjustor #3

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    chain adjustor #3

    Today I finally had a chance to replace the chain adjuster in the rear drive (it was warmer out)

    When I changed the adjuster the first time there was still a fair amount of slack. This time going from #2 to #3 I found less slack. This is what I expected as the chain is not stretching as fast

    If this continues going from #3 to #4 I don't see a problem getting 100,000 + kilometers (60,000 + miles)

    While I was removing the cap screws I noticed one had stretched. I don't know how as I use a torque wrench and use the shop manual specs for all torque screws and cap screws. There is no way I was going to get one on a Saturday afternoon.

    Off to Home Depot they have a 6x35mm hex head (no good to long and the threaded section was not long enough.

    Canadian tire had a 6x30mm hex head with full thread that will do
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