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Thread: How's your gas mileage?

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    How's your gas mileage?

    Hi all, I am a very new rider... I have about 650 miles on my 2018 scooter and although the display is telling me I am averaging about 47 miles per gallon, my low fuel indicator is coming on after only about 150 miles. I don't think that's right but I am wondering if there's a possibility that this is a "new scooter break in" thing? Has anyone else experienced this? If it's getting 47 MPG shouldn't I get at least 200 miles per tank?

    Also, does anyone know if the fuel reserve is PART of the overall capacity or is IN ADDITION to the stated capacity?

    Thanks for any advice/assistance!

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    47 is about right mpg.

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    Reserve is part of the total. Light (for me) illuminates right at 1 US gallon left. I do the math everytime I fill up and consistantly get 54.5 (US) MPG.
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    Well.... ymmv depending upon how fast you like to ride!
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    Thanks all. I couldn't find anywhere where it specifies whether the reserve was part of the overall stated capacity, so that helps.

    Right now the low fuel indicator (going to reserve) is coming on after about 150 miles (city) driving and yet it still is saying my average MPG is 47. I will keep an eye on it awhile longer.

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    I just did the calcs at a gas station against the BMW average and it matched. Something like 47.9. Its been discussed elsewhere but once you get the warning you'll likely get maybe 35 more miles before you may run out...
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    After about 11,500 miles I am averaging 47.3 MPG. I do consider my range on a tank of fuel to be 150 miles. After that the light will usually come on and I figure I probably have a "safe" range of about 25-35 miles to get fuel, or run out.
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    Another aspect of MPG's to consider is: ambient temps/humidity, fuel quality, load weight, windscreen type and ride-height, riding terrain and most importantly Hwy vs City.
    I live in the flat-lands of Florida, keep the bike clean with a good bit of fresh wax on all the panels and a special coating on the windscreen and mostly ride Hwy miles with the vehicle unburdened with no topcase. Which I assume results in my elevated gas mileage.
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    Thank Tensixmom for starting this thread. I had no idea I was getting better than average MPG. Good to know. I wonder if keeping a few extra PSI’s (above recommended) in my tires has anything to do with it. BTW … I calculate by filling up to the very top (each time) (bike on the center stand) and then taking my GPS mileage and dividing it by the reading on the pump. I also ride on Shinko Tires.

    Nevertheless, I never knew I was doing so good (especially since I freely gas it HARD taking off from most every stop)!

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