A little late to the party but I added a removable cup holder by cutting a one inch slot in the backside of the handlebar cover snf riveted a 2 1/2" tongue to a cup holder. This way I can easily lift the holder out and stow it when I don't need it. Originally I cut the slot to accommodate the mounting tongue on my Gerbihgs heat controller. It's very handy there as I can see and adjust the heat controls as well as have nice short leads to connect my Gerbings gloves and jacket liner. I bought a spare center handlebar cover piece and mounted a cell phone holder so I could use the GPS app (Garmin) with my phone. I also have a Sena Bluetooth unit on my helmet which we use as an intercom, phone,and as a link to my phone and GPS app. Nice and compact and clean looking. I routed a 12V lead from the battery to the back side of the plastic center cover under the handlebars. Makes for a short lead to my heat controller as well as a handy place to plug in my battery tender.