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Thread: C600 6000 miles and 4 years; likes and dislikes

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    I've had my GT for about three and a half years now and have no complaints with it. Its tall stature makes for more road clearance which allows for more speed in the twisties although I have replaced those two little wear nubs on the top of the center stand twice now. I ride with the shocks set at their highest setting which also helps prevent grinding those little gizmos too. Tire mileage isn't a major consideration for me since I do tend to like a spirited ride. I have about 10,600 miles on the bike now and replaced the OEM tires at about 6000 miles. The Power Pure tires I put on it are showing wear, the front is about ready to replace while the rear looks good for two or three thousand miles yet. The CVT belt looks like it will easily go another 11,000 plus miles. Chain wear is still within tolerance though I will be ordering a couple of the slack adjuster rails to have on hand. I've had nearly no problems with the bike other than a couple minor ones that were taken care of through BMW's recall at no cost to me. I've been running Mobil 1 synthetic oil for about six thousand miles now. No problems, no leaks or odd noises. Brakes are holding up very well.
    All in all the longer that I have this bike the more I like it. I was going to buy another K1100LT as a stablemate but decided the GT would get the most use so decided to be a one bike owner. With all that carrying space in the trunk and under the seat this scooter is turning out to be a good replacement for my Goldwings of the past.
    As for part costs, places like Twisted Throttle, Partzilla and others on line have most parts at pretty good prices. Usually pretty well discounted from dealer prices.
    All in all I don't baby this scooter but it's holding up very well to the demands I make on it. I'm enjoying it just as much as when I first got it. One can get used to the twist and go pretty quickly, nice that you can't get caught in a wrong gear when a traffic changes unexpectedly. The only thing I'd change if I had the cash would be to buy a new one for the improved sound, easier operated center stand and improved CVT ratios. I still prefer my red one over the colors of the newer ones.
    2013 C650GT 1994 K1100LT

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    I guess I'll weigh in here. I am not a current owner of a BMW scooter; haven't been for a few years. Currently own a Triumph Explorer and a Ural Mir (sidecar). I really like both bikes, but if I could only own one bike the CGT would be near the top of the list (nothing against the C, just never owned one).

    Frankly, sometimes I think about ditching the other bikes and going back to the BMW scooter. Plenty enough power (no 135hp Explorer but don't really need that) and my kids remind me every once in awhile about how much I really liked my 2013 CGT.

    My wife kids me about how often I have talked about getting down to one bike so maybe it will never happen, but if it ever does....

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