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Thread: Hyper White lights

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    Hyper White lights

    Just got them in the mail today. Waiting for a little warmer weather to put them on. Going to mount them on the mirror stalks. They come with a switch. Will tap into the socket under the center cap. The rear Hyper-Lite brake lights I will tap into the socket for the 12 V outlet. Looks like I will learn how to take off most of the tupperware before this is all over. Also have a pair of loud horns to install as well. For me, being heard and seen are very important when riding. I've had the brake lights on all of my motorcycles. Very effective. Never used their white running lights before but I wanted as large of a triangle as possible and the fork mounts, or under headlights just don't give much separation.

    Will post pics of them once installed.

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    Cool ... also pls share the link to the product.
    2016 C650 GT in Custom Ruby Red Metallic CC

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