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Thread: Rode A Customized Victory Vegas

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    Rode A Customized Victory Vegas

    I've been exclusively on the wonderful GT since 2014. Today a friend needed me to ride his Victory Vegas about 30 miles customized by Arlen Ness. Most of it was unfortunately on the freeway. Its a big V-Twin with no windshield. The 30 minute ride felt like 4 hours. Arms and wrists sore. Back sore. There were nice forward foot pads but it took *lots* of effort to keep them there at speed so my legs were sore. Felt like I was gonna get blown off the bike from the wind and I hung on for dear life! So. I'm apparently not in that buying demographic. Partly funny - partly serious - if this was what riding was about I'd be on 4 wheels all the time.

    While I was quietly suffering along - I got lots of looks, amazing respect and waves from the other "cool bikers" like I never get on the GT. Go figure.
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    That was my thought the first time I got on a scoot. Like, where has this been? Like paying an arm and leg for a Vetter fairing back in the 70s. BFF is the only way to ride for me now. (Both Feet Forward).

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