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Thread: New member welcome thread..

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    I'm Thom from Benicia, CA (suburb of San Francisco). I use my C600 mostly around town to pick up stuff from local supermarkets. Had it 4 years now and 6K miles. I've been riding since I was 18. First bike was a Honda Dream 305 that weighs about as much as the BMW scoot due to the cast iron fenders of the '63 bikes. Then got a basket case Bridgestone 350 2 stroke (still fastest bike I've ever ridden off the line). Another Honda 350 I rode around Hawaii on. Then a Harley (AMF vintage). Long hiatus without power bike (married and wife doesn't ride). Now retired and had a Chinese scoot which was a clone of a Honda scoot. Liked the scoot idea (step through, lots of storage for errands, no gears) but the Chinabike was too light for the winds over the local bridge. So I sold it and got this bike for the looks and weight. Can't do long rides much anymore since neck issues cause pain after a couple hours in the saddle (and still have wife who doesn't ride).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bornfree View Post
    Great machine ... you are going to love it!

    It was delivered, to my driveway, in the rain :\ that didnt stop me from sitting on it for an hour or two before going back inside the house

    I really want to ride it but was asked to pull a double shift to cover for someone, so there goes my Saturday....

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