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Thread: More C600 windscreen choices than just GIVI...

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    I guess I should have read your post. I see you got a large. I'm 6'2" and will probably get the large as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by windplr View Post
    I'm thinking of getting one of these. May I ask how tall you are, and which size screen you bought?
    5'10" - I got the Medium. I had stated large in error before.
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    Puig installed:

    Took a little muscle to get it. I had to push down and sort of flatten it out to get the holes lined up. Also, the OEM screw came out without a hitch. I know some people had issues with them being stripped or what not.
    2013 C600 Sport (gone)
    2016 Piaggio BV 350
    Ducati Sixty2

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    looks the goods Greyhound! how do you find the wind etc?

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    Zero buffetting and no vibrations. Of course, I only traveled about 20 feet at about 5mph.

    I just got it and put it on, haven't had a chance to ride with it. Tomorrow.
    2013 C600 Sport (gone)
    2016 Piaggio BV 350
    Ducati Sixty2

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    Should I locktite my Givi screen? Just put it on C600. Massive improvement, though only if you prefer see through experience.

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