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Thread: Oil check doesn't work

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    A parallel ; If you eat right you don't need toilet paper, but, you still need toilet paper to check that you don't !
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    A nutrition expert said that on a talk show.

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    My 16GT started barking 'oil check' with about 500 miles on the odo. Like other reports on the form, the lights/warnings were/are intermittent - sometimes "oil ok", sometimes "oil -----" and sometimes "oil check". Pre 600 mile service, when I manually checked the oil level as described in the owners manual, I found it to be slightly overfilled. After I changed the oil at 600 miles and added 3.1L on the button, the oil level was money, reading just below the MAX line on the dipstick. The intermittent "oil check" lights continued so I involved the local dealer. Their initial attempt to fix was to add oil. This failed so they involved BMW. BMW has advised the dealer to reboot the ECU and add 4-5 additional ounces of oil. I'm game but the additional oil seems silly and if nothing else may make a mess of my air filter.

    Has anyone dealt with the 'oil check' lights/warnings enough to follow this same protocol from BMW? Has the suggested fix worked?

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    Never took my 2016 GT to a BMW Service center (too far away). But when my low oil warning light illuminated (with less than a 500 miles and physically checking proved the oil level was fine), I added 4.5oz, which really topped it off and problem was solved. At my first/last change, filled it right to the Max line and still no issues here. Have 4k miles now and my air filter still looks brand new (however I do not ride dirt/gravel roads).
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    Good news, thx.

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    BTW ensure you are checking while on the center stand NOT the side.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bornfree View Post
    BTW ensure you are checking while on the center stand NOT the side.

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    I want an oil pressure indicator as well as battery status added to the next scooter update!
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    I bought my demo 2016 C650 sport with about 400 miles on it. The ck oil message and yellow triangle came on during the test. The salesman said the problem would probably go away after the first service. If not, it was recommended the level switch be changed.

    I had the service done and the light came on shortly after (like 3 blocks from the dealership). They ordered a new switch and changed it under warranty. So far all is honkey-dorey.

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    The OIL OK is only visible when the engine is up to temperature and the bike has been stationary, when in motion the bike then displays the tyre pressures. If you cycle the display options with the bike moving and select tyre pressure, the OIL OK does not display when stopped and dashes will be displayed when you restart the bike. My bike is very sensitive to oil level, displaying OIL CHECK when only 100ml of oil is required to bring it back to max.
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