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Thread: Oil check doesn't work

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    Oil check doesn't work

    Anyone having any problem with the oil check on the instrument panel? Mine just shows dashes. When I first got the bike it would show "OK" occasionally but now it just shows dashes. I'll take it to the dealer next week unless I can puzzle this one out. When I reset the ECU to bring the tire pressure monitor back it didn't help the oil check.

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    Sounds in line with other reports. It's dashes or sometimes on the occasional hot day it reads "oil check". When it reads "oil ok" I usually try to buy a lottery ticket because I figure it must be a lucky day. I talked with my service writer yesterday to schedule my 6k service and he found nothing about the oil sender in the service bulletins.

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    Trust but verify. I go to the dip stick (and air pressure gauge) once per week. I also find that it can take up to 30 seconds (a traffic light is a good place) to get those dashes to turn to "OK".

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    Mine works but it does take a while sometimes. I believe the engine has to have run for at least 10min, just as required when checking oil. If you are stopped it will read "OK", the reading will change to tire pressure monitor once you start riding. I don't rely on it, yet it is reassuring. I manually check dipstick biweekly. Cheers!

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    I haven't seen my oil check 'OK' for quite awhile. I'll get around to asking the dealer about it one of these days soon. I value the pressure checker more since it's more of to check the air pressure. The oil can wait for it's weekly check. The old low tech dip stick still works fine.

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    Just to add to this: yes, you need to be running for a while and it only gives an indication when you are stopped. So when you pull in to park, check before shutting down.
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    As said, needs to be sat ticking over for a while to work, they are so sketchy, i just use my good old manual dipstick.............there again, not checked mine for at least 6 months but i know mine doesnt use a drop.
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    The procedure is in the manual, and when followed it always works for me. I do think there is a nice conversion kit possibility here, as it would be nice to be able to check manually without removing the bodywork. A trap door kit? Of course there isn't enough BMW scoots to make development worthwhile.

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    Agree with Yellasei, I only check it once every few months to see if it still works. Kind of like the Bergy electric shift I would just check it never used it. I use the manual method, do not trust the tire pressure monitor nor the oil indicator. It would be fine if it would read oil level and actual tire pressure.

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