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  1. 2012 BMW Scooters
  2. New BMW C600S & BMW C650GT Scooters
  3. BMW Maxi Scooters - C 600 Sport and C 650 GT | Drive it!
  4. BMW C600 Sport vs Yamaha T-Max 530
  5. My simple Ride
  6. 2013 c6 promo
  7. 2013 BMW C650GT promo! Chasing an Audi S4 at high speeds on sweeping curve!
  8. Trackday with my 650GT in Norway. A ton of fun.....
  9. Whether a C600/C650GT or R nineT...The Why of it All...Soulfuel
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  11. 650GT spotted in Jay Leno's Garage
  12. Go Pro mount
  13. Bmw c650gt scooter ride 2014-05-16, on small roads in Sweden,
  14. Crazy French on e Sport & GT
  15. Northern California test ride GT
  16. 2014 BMW C650 GT SCOOTER attached with an ice cream sidecar
  17. A really cool C650gt ice cream sidecar video:)
  18. Motorcycle Experience Road Test
  19. Test ride video of the 2016's
  20. Here's the link of my youtube video (2013 C-600 Sport)
  21. Fall Trip Drive by Video
  22. New camera and mount location