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Thread: Replacing the front headlight bulb

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    Replacing the front headlight bulb


    My low-beam front headlight bulb went out and I went to my dealership to ask how much it would be to replace. They quoted me $23 for the bulb and $60-70 for labor. After hearing that I cannot justify spending $100 to replace a lightbulb.

    I saw a few threads about replacing the lightbulb by reaching under the front of the bike but I was hoping someone had more detailed instructions they could share. I felt around back there but couldnt even tell where the clip is for the bulb socket. It's really dark and tight so any guidance is super appreciated.

    Thank you!


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    Search, Search, Search...

    I replaced the low beam headlight bulb, as it's fairly easy...

    Yes, you are correct you cannot see, but if you place the scooter on the center stand, turn the handle bars you can get your iPhone (or any smart phone with camera) in there to take a pic of the headlight housing. This allows you to see what you're feeling with your fingers. Take a pic after removing the housing, you'll see the clips, and the orientation of the plug and bulb.

    I hope this helps...

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    It is not so difficult the second time you do it. You don't have to remove any plastic. I posted a step-by-step explanation on this forum but can't find it. I also took a pic with my phone camera and that helped me understand what was going on. I've changed 4 bulbs now and it takes less than 5 minutes. The first time it took about 30 minutes!
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    There is a rubber cap to be removed
    Then you can get the clip off
    Remove the bulb
    Insert new bulb without touching the glass
    Clip in place
    Put rubber cap back on
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    So i replaced the bulb today. It was really easy, super glad that I didnt pay the $60 in labor. Weird thing though, I came to my bike today and it seemed the on-board computer reset. I lost all my trip meter mileage, my MPG went to zero, avg speed went to zero. Also at first it marked that the temperature was 270 degrees and the black ice thing was flashing. I drove around parked it and the temperature is fine now, problem now is the power windshield doesnt work anymore. Everything else works, heated grips seat, hazard lights, etc.

    Anyone have an idea of what this could be? P.S. I have close to 8K miles on it.

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    Probably need to go to a dealer and have the ECU reflashed. You might try disconnecting the battery for a few minutes and then reconnect it and turn the ignition back on. The computer might reset itself.
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    Tried that today and sadly it didnt work.

    Sort of annoying that this is an issue that requires a dealer....especially when your dealer says there isnt an opening until the 25th.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Akkis View Post
    Tried that today and sadly it didnt work.

    Sort of annoying that this is an issue that requires a dealer....especially when your dealer says there isnt an opening until the 25th.
    I would be surprised if there was not someone in NYC who has the diagnostic tool that I think is needed to do ths. I would post a new thread asking. It may be they will help out for a small fee to help the offset their expense of the hardware.

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Just in case you want to see what the connection of the light bulb looks like in the back.

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    Akkis, glad it worked out easily for you. I had taken my front fender off recently to remove the front tire and while it was off I looked up under the front and could easily see the rubber covers for both headlights. Although I haven't had to replace a bulb yet, it actually looked like it would be fairly easy to reach up there to do the job. I had no problem reaching up and touching both covers. Does anyone know the best place to get a replacement bulb as 'm sure mine will go out sooner than later -lol.

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