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Thread: Fs bmw r1150r

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    Fs bmw r1150r

    My mates mate has asked me to put this up for him, he is selling because:
    1: He can no longer ride it due to his health
    2: He is now 82 years old
    3: He has just been diagnosed with terminal cancer so he is not going to be around to do anything for much longer and doesn't want to leave it to his wife to sort out. Along with his other stuff.

    It's a BMW R1150r.
    2005 plated.
    He has the full (BMW I believe) luggage and it will come with it.
    It has 11,000 miles on the clocks.
    I believe it is mot'd for a while yet, I can check, but if it isn't I will have one done for any potential buyer.
    The bike is bloody immaculate. Very well maintained. It looks like it just came off the production line it's that clean.

    Thanks for looking.
    _______________________________________nha khoaimplant viet nam
    contact by email for pictures and price

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    Ok, what’s the rest of the story

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