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Thread: Oil sensor warning lights

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    Oil sensor warning lights

    I have about 100 miles on my new 2016 C 650 Sport and it has been back to the dealer twice for the oil warning lights coming on and staying on. The dealer admits that this is a problem that BMW has had for some time with the sensor. VERY long story short but both times I picked it up from service the Service Manager has waved off the need to me to receive a repair order invoice for the service. The first time this happened I went to my salesman and insisted on the documentation. He got it promptly. We are now in the midst of the second time the service manager is trying to tell me that no documentation is necessary though he told me on the phone that service had made some corrections. At the least it seems to me this person is sloppy and at the worst it seems he or the dealer may be trying to hide something from me. I know the absolute importance of documentation in terms of my warranty and just general common sense. This is not what I expected when I bought from BMW. Am I missing something here?

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    Hey Chickchandler, See this thread on this problem.
    False Oil Check warning is intentional...

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    Yesterday, while waiting for the light to turn green and on a slight upslope, the oil warning light came on. When I got the bike moving, the warning light remained on for awhile. Disappeared after about 50 meters. Got home safely.

    Next day, following the procedure for filling oil, I checked and there was sufficient oil per the dipstick. Almost near the max. Just disconcerting when that oil light goes on.

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    When I bought my demo 2016 C650 sport with about 400 miles, the light would come on (yellow triangle / chk oil ). I was told that the problem should go away after the break-in service was done. Well, it didn't. The dealership then replaced the level sensor and for the last 200 miles all is well.

    With that being said, I find it interesting that after replacing the level sensor they asked me if it would be ok if they didn't give me a service ticket.... I was told I could always get one printed out should I want it.

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