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Thread: Duonic Bke Scan Professional

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    Duonic Bke Scan Professional

    Anyone have experience/thoughts with this:

    I'm getting REALLY tired of having to go to the dealer for windscreen calibration and probably other stuff. I'm open to alternative but $350 USD seems reasonably to avoid the hassle and dealer service charges.

    Or more likely, this one: enth
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    I have the GS911. It works well and allows reading a lot of real time parameters on the bike. I like it because I can set my own maintenance intervals and clear or investigate any faults. I have the wireless/wired version which is handy because I can plug it in and read many of the parameters on my iPhone on the road if neccessary.

    I don't know about the other unit you list but are you sure it will work with the scooter?
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