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Thread: New C 650 GT Sport Owner

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    Cool New C 650 GT Sport Owner

    So, I decided that at the age of 71 it was time to get a bike that would let me ride with my son and his Harley. I got back into riding after a looong drought. Went in gently on a Honda PCX150. Really liked it on back winding roads which is all I want to do. Too small in legroom. Power was surprising. Got it up to 70 once (not downhill). Regularly rode at 50 in getting to the winding road.
    Traded that for my black 650. Still getting used to the weight getting it out of my garage, but riding it is a dream. Riding season is short, but I'm going to ride til it snows!

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    I'm confused... did you get the C650GT or the C650 Sport??
    Jaime A. Cruz
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    Hey Jeff, You'll get the weight figured out once you've moved it around a couple dozen times. Welcome to the BMW C class world.

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    I thought it felt heavy at first also and always worried I'd lose control over it. Like SteveADV said - after a couple dozen times I feel like I can control it pretty easily.
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