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When you order the Wilbers, you should be able to specify your weight, your potential passenger's weight and the kind of riding you do and they'll build it to your specs. That's they way I ordered the Ohlins for my K1200LT. Unfortunately, Ohlins doesn't make a shock for the BMW "C" series. The other advantage to the Wilbers is that it is rebuildable. When it wears out, you send it out to be rebuilt for considerably less money than throwing out the stock Showa and replacing it with another stock Showa. With my K1200LT the difference in price is DRAMATIC. Replacing the rear Showa would be over $1,000.00 whereas rebuilding the Ohlins is usually around $200.00.
Thank you Jamie. That makes sense. Now its just waiting for the Showa to die. I'm at 31K miles and it seems like its okay. But I haven't ridden another one with a new shock so I might not notice the change.