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Thread: Water Pump Replacement

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    Water Pump Replacement

    Anybody had any need to or experience with replacing the water pump on their C600/C650? I have my bike at the dealer for a valve adjustment and they're saying the pump is leaking from the weep hole. I've never seen any coolant under the bike and was just in that area on Sunday when I removed all the plastics and didnt notice anything amiss.

    I told them to skip it for now and I'll keep an eye on it. It seems like it should be straightforward to replace (if needed) but wanted any real-world experience. BTW, the bike has 58k miles on it.

    PS. Cross-posted on the Google forum for fun :-)

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    Water Pump Replacement

    Greetings to all! I am from Russia and I have the same problem in a scooter. I apologize in advance for using the Google-Translate.
    Mileage 30.5 thousand km.
    After the winter I saw some dried marks on the moped .. and forgot about it ..
    And when I started driving, I saw that after the engine stopped, there were some drops on the right .. When I took off the plastic. I saw drops from the pump (or pump covers). Then on the trail could not understand exactly where it drips. After reinstalling the pump cover on the sealant, again dripped. When the engine started. Dripping from the process hole in the pump. Drops already with oil.
    So, cranks pump. I had to order .. The pump is assembled with a cover. The cost of parts from $ 150 .... and 2-3 weeks of waiting. Cool! I really wanted to disassemble the pump (there, like only the shaft and probably a couple of glands), try to repair it .. Can I find a replacement for the glands? .. And if there aren't glands? We must wait for a while, maybe something else needs to be ordered ..
    The main thing is that on the move or after a briefly temporary stop, there are no leaks and drops of antifreeze. Due to the heating of the muffler, all the liquid just evaporates ..

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