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Thread: Led headlight?

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    Led headlight?

    Does anyone know of a LED headlight bulb that works with our canbus system? That doesn’t send out error codes. I am so sick of replacing bulbs in the headlight t assembly!

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    Here's the funny thing... I'd been buying high-end "bright white" halogen bulbs every time the headlight burned out. The last time it burned out, I was on the road and stopped at a gas station. I bought a generic H4 bulb (can't even remember the brand name) and not only was it bright enough, it's been burning bright for the past three years and nearly 20,000 miles. Sometimes you DON'T get what you pay for...
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    I thought I had some nice ones - but they would not fit in the holes! They also needed a heat sink which would mess with the rubber covers and got very hot when I tested them. So I gave up.

    My older generics seemed to last a couple years but were not bright enough. So I got some "Polish" Sulvania super bright halogen's from Amazon with a 1 year guarantee. Maybe I'll have some luck with them. I've heard of too many bike related incidents because of not being seen so I'm on a kick to get more lights. Got Clearwaters and some bark busters with lights.
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