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Thread: How many of you ride both your scooter and a motorcycle?

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    How many of you ride both your scooter and a motorcycle?

    It sounds like many of you are motorcycle riders as well as scooter riders. For those people- how difficult do you find it to transition back and forth? I got my endorsement on a very small motorcycle but have only ridden a scooter since then and I am worried about making the transition to shifting and different braking. What has your experience been?

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    I thought I'd have a problem, but I switch between three different PTWs:
    C650GT: Turn signal on left thumb, left lever is the rear brake, no shifting required.
    K1200LT: Left turn button on left grip, right turn button on right grip, cancel on right. Left lever is the clutch, and there is a shift lever by my left foot.
    Zero S: No lever at all on left grip, no shifter by left foot. Turn signals same as the C650GT

    Strangely enough, I never get confused hopping off of one to the other.
    Jaime A. Cruz
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    I have 1 motorcycle and 2 scooters Honda MC BMW 650 gt and A Gilera fuoco MP 3 500 3 wheels
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    I switched off between a CGT a Harley Road King, and a KLR 650. 3 different weights, seat heights, and COGs. I didn't have a problem.

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    Well, I now have the 2016 C650GT and the added 2016 R1200RT. The scooter is almost as large as the RT. For me, the RT obviously has shifting, and a lot more throttle. Coming to a stop in traffic on the scooter is a no brainer, however with any motorcycle there’s downshifting. Braking isn’t really an issue, and with the motorcycle one can also “brake” by downshifting.
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    My other bike is a 2008 Honda Goldwing.

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    I started out with 2013 BMW scooter then added 2014 RT and about two years ago, I added 2015 K1600 GTL Exclusive for 2 up riding. I have no problems transtioning between the scooter and the motorcycle. In some ways the scooter is better to handle the New York city area traffic. Thanks to the automatic, I can merge tight gaps of traffic where the motorcycle with the clutch, I wouldn't take so risks. I have more of an issue with the between the RT and the GTL. The clutch on the GTL is much more slipper than the RT.

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