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Thread: Helllo from Central Texas

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    Helllo from Central Texas

    Hi everyone. Been lurking for a while now and thought I'd introduce myself. I've had a T-max 500 for about 3 years now and am thinking of going to a C650 Sport or GT. My main issue is, does the Sport have more legroom than the GT? The local dealer only has a 2014 GT which I've sat on and seems a bit cramped. Anyone have any experience with the sitting arrangement differences (if any) between the two? Looking forward to a scoot with ABS and heated grips/seats!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tim M View Post
    Looking forward to a scoot with ABS and heated grips/seats!
    Here is a new 2015 Tmax in Gainsville. Has ABS and they can get a heated seat and grips from Yamaha. At 3 years old you can probably grind them on price, including them installing the grips and seat. And, it's NEW with bullet-proof reliability...

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    If you have not already, check out the above. Not the same as sitting and riding a bike, but should give you an idea. I found the Tmax a little cramped for me (6'2" x 33"inseam) and the CGT perfect. I don't remember if I ever actually drove the sport version but the specs suggest there might be a little more room. And, yeah, heated stuff is a good thing.

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    Hi Tim! I haven't been here much longer than you; I just bought a 2018 C650GT from the Boerne dealer and love it, especially the legroom. I had been riding a 2009 Piaggio BV 500 which was extremely cramped compared to the GT. A friend who lives in New Braunfels also rides a GT--we cancelled a route 66 ride this weekend due to the rain, but have a lot of others planned throughout Texas. Whatever you end up with we'd love to have you join us!

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