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Thread: Remove left fairing

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    Remove left fairing

    I removed the right fairing with no problem but after removing the screws holding the left fairing I still could not remove it as there seems to be some sort of a bar or latch at the bottom of the fairing. How do I remove it withour breaking the fairing?

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    probably best to know what year and model we are talking about. I have a 2014 C650GT and I have removed the right front fairing many times but the right side only a couple times. As I recall there are 4 torx bolts, 2 on the side facing the steering cover, one in the glove box and one near the front just below the headlamp. At the bottom edge of the fairing there are 2 tabs so you need to lift the fairing up slightly to clear the tabs before it can be removed. It seems like there are times when it can be tricky to do and you don't want to force it and break anything. Other times it just comes right off.

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