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Thread: First service 2nd gen C650 help

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    First service 2nd gen C650 help

    Hey guys,
    I have not been here in awhile. I just bought a new 2019 C650 GT. My last Scooter was a 2014 C600 Sport.
    I did the service on my first bmw and remember there being a intake tube that replaced a screen.
    I looked up that part and it says 2013-2015.
    Is there anywhere I can find a step by step for the first service/oil change on my new Scooter? The dealer wants $380! I plan to do it myself.

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    I have a Version II (2016) and paid them that same amount. I was surprised to learn that the only thing BMW service center did for my 600mi (run in check) was check/reset the ECU and change the oil. Hmmmm…. Seemed like too much to pay for that. So that was the last oil change they ever did for me. Oil and filter isn’t hard if you have basic skills and watch the YouTube video. You'll find it on YouTube ... just Google it.
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