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Thread: Best Winter storage options

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    Cool Best Winter storage options

    Looks like this old wimp is done riding for the year. I have two options for storing over the Winter. I have a fairly new 6 x 12 enclosed trailer, or a car port. Wife's C650GT is highest value bike. I also have to store my old F650GS similarly.

    Will I have moisture problems if I use the enclosed trailer? I will have to get in to plug in battery tenders, and switch the tender from one bike to the other every week or two. I could leave a light bulb burning, might help with condensation?

    Alternative is the car port. I can cover with an old tent, but that makes it hard to get at the plug for the battery tender. And there is still likely to be some snow and dirt blowing in on the bikes.

    In theory I could keep one of the bikes in my work shop, but I would have to push it out to the driveway 3 or 4 times a week. And it would get covered with sawdust anyway. What if it is snowing on the day I need to use my table saw? And that will only work for one bike.

    Other thoughts/ ideas? I'm leaning toward the trailer.

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    My vote would be for the trailer with a light bulb, but put out something to keep the mice away. Moth balls maybe?

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    You probably can skip the lightbulb. You can also get a second battery tender-or better yet, take the batteries out and move them inside to be tended. Condensation shouldn't be a problem (bikes are wetproof). Workshop storage is probably not a good idea unless you also siphon out the gasoline beforehand--if your 650GS is carbureted, it's a good idea to run it dry anyway or else be ready to replace it in the spring (nothing you haven't dealt with before, of course since you have had it a while).
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