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Thread: Gt 650 won't start or turn over

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    Gt 650 won't start or turn over

    I recently bought A GT650 it had been running fine it's been park for about a month I went out to start it the other day everything lights up like normal everything works on it except when I hit the start button it's not even trying to turn over. We put it on the trickle charger thinking that just didn't have enough juice to start even though it had enough juice for everything else. It's been on the trickle charger for 24 hours the light has turned green and yet it won't start any ideas? I'm applying either break the left or the right along with pushing the button I do not have the side stand down.

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    Those are always difficult to troubleshoot. Side stand switch was an issue in early years, could be a fuse, could be the brake switch, or the ignition switch. PITA

    good luck but be patient, you'll find it.

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    Do you have EWS! and yellow warning triangle?

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    How old is the battery, wife’s 13gt had same issue, turned out battery had gone bad, even though it lived on a optimate 4
    3 years and I change motorcycle batteries now

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