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Thread: What are new GTs selling for around the US?

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    What are new GTs selling for around the US?

    If I end up buying a new one, I want to negotiate from a solid position, not a lot of data that I can find (yet) on what actual prices are being met.

    What leverage is being seem to add items onto the bike post sale?

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    Search Cycle Trader for clues on incentives or sale prices. You can get a discount if you are an USAA member, First Responder, or Active Duty Military.

    If buying from a dealer it's pretty easy to negotiate the 600 mile service, installed accessories, or even apparel in the purchase price. I believe anything you buy with the bike will be covered by the 3 yr BMW warranty. Getting 10-15% off accessories purchased in the first month after sale is pretty standard - you might get that even without asking.

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