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Thread: Twas a normal day...*sigh*

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    Twas a normal day...*sigh*

    Until I went to the dealer to have my top box and GPS installed.

    Both missing critical hardware..the top box didnt get the rails ordered..

    The GPS MOUT came, but also seems to require a bracket...which wasnt ordered.

    Aaaand, the Aeroflow screen arrived, and the holes for it are _way_ off. Like, 1/2" off. Too narrow. I can spread it out and the top and middle fit, but I cant get the bottom one anywhere near locating properly. If I had to helpers to press it and spread it while putting in the last bolt...maybe.

    But that doesn't seem right...
    San Jose, CA
    2018 White 650GT

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    There are many other windscreens for the bike...that FIT!

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