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Thread: Stop-Sell order issued..

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    Quote Originally Posted by speedtoys View Post
    Should be fine, its only under certain conditions at full left turn...

    My dealer said no parts until late April at least...and customers cannot have the old part back.
    Is this only for 2018s? or is it multiple years?

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    Not sure, ask your dealer.
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    I'm still waiting for the part to come in. Last time I asked, they said it was supposed to be here on the 10th. We shall see if I get a phone call today.

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    Just took my 2016 GT in to order (under warranty) a replacement trim piece for the right mirror stalk that must have fallen off and was told the same story. Was told my bike is part of this recall too but they neither have the parts nor instructions yet as to what to do. Soooo ... they'll call me when they do.
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    My recall part did come in last week and I have an appointment Friday to get the work done on it.

    Good luck to all!

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