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Thread: GPS Navigator IV - Upgrage to V

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    GPS Navigator IV - Upgrage to V

    hello everybody and thanks in advance for your support.
    I have my C650GT 2017 (ver 2). I already have the BMW Navigator IV, with original 4 buttons cradle already installed and working ok, plugged into the accessory power plug in the handlebar.
    question is: If I decide to buy the Navigator V, will it be connect with the CANbus?
    example, will the GPS update by itself the motorcycle clock...? will the GPS display the tires pressure, oil, etc statistics coming from the motorcycle CANbus?
    will I have any extra benefits beyond extra size display and better daylight visibility?
    will be waiting for your comments,

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    You might confirm with BMW but I donít think those functions work with the c650GT. As far as I know only the K1600, R1200 series and S1000R on later models. I know the NAV V didnít provide motorcycle info on my 2014 C650GT.

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    I have a Nav 6 on my 2018 650GT, no such info comes across.

    I mean, it is already on the dash...FWIW.

    The lack of a proper Tach gets me right in the OCD, and lack of engine temp.._really_ bothers me.

    Question: Is our OBD2 generic enough that you could pull that basic data from it to feed to another display?
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