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Thread: Front brake hose recall again?

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    Front brake hose recall again?


    I received a new recall notice in the mail today regarding the front brake hose issue that was addressed in a previous recall. I guess it wasn't fully resolved earlier. Does anyone know more details about this?

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    Plug your VIN into the entry field on this link:

    1Recalls associated with this VIN
    Mar 01,2019
    Manufacturer Recall NumberNA
    NHTSA Recall Number19V157
    Recall StatusRecall Incomplete, remedy not yet available

    FRONT BRAKE HOSE: After repeated turning of the handlebars to the maximum left steering angle, for example when locking the handlebars or in tight maneuvers, the hose could become damaged and, over time eventually leak.

    Safety Risk
    If a brake fluid leak occurs, the maximum front brake pressure may not be able to be applied. This would reduce braking capability, and could increase the risk of an accident. However, the rear brake is not affected and remains fully operational.

    The front brake hose will be replaced.
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