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Thread: Front brake pads replace DIY

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    Front brake pads replace DIY

    Was searching around for guide, but all I can found are the guides for rear pads,
    So I decided to replace them with my limited knowledge
    Forgive my bad English.

    1, push the brake caliper to inside, so it compressed a little bit to make room for the pads to get out.
    2, unscrew the cap on the lower part of the caliper.
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    3, remove the locking bolt, then the pads should come off.
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    4, now you can unbolt the caliper's mounting bolts to let the it out of the disc. (need to remove the abs sensor first for the left side)
    5, transfer the old pad's shims to the new pads.
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    6, compress the pistons all the way to 0. In my case,I use G clamp.(I used old pads in between it)
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    7, bolt the caliper back to the mounting and push it in to make room for both side.
    8, now slide in the outer pad,and put the lock bolt in, and do not turn the screw in yet.
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    9, slid the inner pad, now push the locking bolt all the way, then screw it in and install the cover cap.
    10, pumping the front brake lever couple of times to make sure the pads are sit tight. Then do the same on the other side.

    It's actually quite straight forward, I spend 40 minutes to figure it out and replaced.
    Good luck.
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    Thank you for posting.

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    Iím on my second round of pads, I replaced the first, like to think I learn from my mistakes but for the second time now Iíve rounded off the hex pad retainer pin... even brought new good quality keys. Itís a metric 5mm right?? There was play in it but a 6mm wouldnít fit. I used an extractor last time and looks like Iíll be doing it again tomorrow! Any advice???

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