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Thread: New member welcome thread..

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    Hello everyone! Iím in Dayton, OH and currently deciding between c400x and 650GT. Really wanted 650 Sport, but canít seem to track a new one down. Looking forward to meeting everyone and being part of the community!

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    Hello from Texas. Looking to make a move to a 650 and have many questions. Been riding big heavy tourers for as long as I can remember but have always wanted to get into a scooter. I've sold off most of my Bikes (I had 5 at one point so don't judge) but kept my favorites: '75 Goldwing (naked) and a '97 Valkyrie setup for touring. I'm finding it hard to move the Valkyrie around as I've had bi-lateral knee replacements and my legs aren't as strong as they once were. At any rate. Looking forward to learning about these great scooters and see if maybe I can get into one here soon.
    Thanks for the ADD.

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    Hi everyone, Cees here from Holland, via Switzerland and France to California, since March 2018. That month, I bought a slightly used (1,960 miles) 2016 Valencia Orange C650 Sport, because I really don't like sitting in traffic, here in Los Angeles. My commute is only 7 miles each way, from Marina del Rey to LA, but by car during most of the day that will take about an hour, whereas on the motorcycle it takes 20 minutes. Of course you have to pay attention to other traffic.
    I am still quite amazed at how I am usually the only one on a motorcycle, and everyone else sits in their tin cans, mostly not moving while I whizz by. The climate is perfect, lane splitting is allowed (like most everywhere else in the world, outside the US) and car traffic is, as the world knows, horrible in LA. So what better way to get around than on two wheels, right?
    Anyways, I used to ride Honda motorscooters back in Geneva, Switzerland for many years, and now I am enjoying the C650 (a lot actually). I do my own maintenance, because my experiences with two BMW dealers (Long Beach and Burbank) have not been so great, plus I like doing things myself, plus that saves a lot of time and, of course, money, so I hope to contribute from that perspective as well. In addition to the C650 I also got myself a G310R last year, with then only 278 miles, and a 1976 Yamaha XS650 (with only 4,800 miles).

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