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Thread: Replace front light bulb

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    Yeah man, I know the feeling. Any pictures of the side rails?

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    HF Bike lift with side rails.

    This is my lift with the side rails in place. They weren't finished at the time I took the picture, now they're painted red to match the lift and a strip of anti skid down the center of each. They attach with two aluminum clips at each end and are lifted off when raising the lift. These rails make it easy to ride up onto the lift and maintain stability by supporting the bike with your feet. The rails extend past the ramp end of the lift so that one can keep their feet on something as the front wheel starts up on the lift ramp. Very secure feeling load and unload this way. Before I made the rails it was a two man job to put the bike on the lift and felt kind of risky. Sure makes working on a motorcycle or scooter easier especially if you have 76 year old knees as I do.
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    I got 8500 miles and my primary gave up the ghost. There are two solutions proposed on this thread and others. I tried the reaching up under approach first since it sounded easiest. Ummm, that bulb holding clip is very tricky to manipulate if you don't have eyes on, since you have to squeeze the tiny ends together while simultaneously pressing forward firmly. The electrical connector requires a firm pull straight back. All of this while working blind... I had no success when I tried it.

    The other technique was to go at it from the right side-panel. Best solution imho. Figure one hour max start to finish. Remove side panel (four screws, I think, one is hidden inside the glove box). Mind the interlock at the bottom of the panel and don't drop it like I did! Remove battery. Remove two screws holding battery box. There are two zip ties which the secure wire bundle behind the box and another two which secure a small wire harness on the left side of the box. You can pull the left side of the box out and hinge it out of the way. There's some interference between the left side of the box and the frame but use your flashlight and you'll see it's just necessary to use a judicious amount of force to overcome.

    From this point you can see inside to pull the rubber boot, manipulate the clip, unplug the lamp connector and remove the H7 bulb. Reverse order to install the new bulb requires that you correctly orient the bulb by rotating it until it seats properly. That took me a couple of minutes to figure out, but then it's just a matter of making sure all the screws go back when you re-assemble the whole mess. I did put in new zip ties where I'd clipped the originals.

    Anyway, I thought it was well worth the one hour it took me. Next time it'll probably take me only 1/2 hour.

    Good luck.

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    It is not necessary to remove the right panel in title to replace a burned out H7.
    I was able to access the bulb through the front opening above the wheel.
    It was a bit tricky, it took me approximately 5 minutes.

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