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Thread: Clock Change: What am I doing wrong??

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    I figure that I do not ride most of the winter so I just leave the clock on summer hours or if I change the clock I will just use my gs911
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    lol... chose not to change it to Daylight Savings Time, and kept it at Standard time. I call this move the "auto setting" for Standard Time...

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    In Illinois the riding season ends at the time change and the time changes back before you can ride again. It works out pretty good by doing nothing.

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    I've had my GT for 2 years this month and have never ever even bothered to set the time - lol!

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    I'm retired, so I don't care what time it is. I'm going riding, ya'all coming with?

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    The owner's manual that came with my bike has the correct procedure. I've changed the clock and date a few times after replacing the battery and for the Daylight Savings change. Never had a problem using the manual.
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    Some wierd glitch at C600, time stuck at 14:07 and never goes to 14:08.

    Setting the hours to different number and then switching to set minutes results in resetting whatever hour back to 14:
    Same with minutes. Setting it to different number and then finalizing procedure with holding "trip”button results in 14:07.

    Disconnecting battery helps in a wierd way. Changing time from reset 0:00 won't work. But, starting from the date change and then following time change works! Clock is alive again.

    If you ever experience smth like that - disconnect the battery, then reconnect and start from setting the date. Hope it could help someone with similar issues.

    Besides you have a chance to know your bike better from the inside


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