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Thread: Was it worth it? Save $1000 or get the Heated Seat?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xian Forbes View Post
    I can't recommend enough the motorrad apron. I forget what I paid because I added it to my bike when I bought it. It is different than some of the others in that it's more of a rubberized fabric than a quilted Gore-tex. It does have a clip in panel of fabric positioned right over your legs to keep the cold from transferring through the rubber outer. I think it looks good on the bike, it clips in unlike the tuscano. So you'll be removing the body panels to do the install if you choose the factory option vs aftermarket. Oddly enough I'm heading to my dealer tomorrow to pick up the apron for the missus 946 Vespa. One for all the bikes.
    I had the dealer install it. With good weather I've only had one chance to use it and it was fantastic. I also bought more tenax snaps believing I could think of something else to hang off of them but it hasn't occurred to me just yet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Snowdog View Post
    I didn't know they imported any scooters without the heated seat. Are you sure it doesn't have the heated seat? Is there a switch on the side of the rear seat?
    I stopped by for service and there was another showroom model without the heated seat.

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    I think the Highline package is well worth it if you live in areas where it gets chilly in the fall and winter. It's already cool enough around there that when I go to our rider's breakfast in the next town about 20 miles away that I take the GT instead of my K1100LT which only has heated grips. The extra heat makes a BIG difference when riding in a cool or cold day with a bit of fog in the air. When it gets real cold I put my Garmin heated jacket liner and heated gloves on. In my younger days I never noticed the cold much but now that I'm past my three score and ten I sure do.
    2013 C650GT 1994 K1100LT

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    I love my heated seat and grips.

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    My C600 came with heated grips and seat. I live in N. CA where it really doesn't get that cold so I would have preferred not to have had it. That being said, I use them both pretty often. The grips get too hot so I have to turn them down...I know the seat is on, but I don't feel it so much (mebe I have too much natural insulation?)

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