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    2nd Gen - handlebar cover removal

    So I cheated and had the dealer do it. Half hour of labor, but no tabs broken!
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    2nd Gen - handlebar cover removal

    Hey guys - I just traded my 2013 for a 2018. I’m trying to plug gps harness into the port under the handle bar cover. I can remove the center cover - but, the resulting opening is very small and my gps harness has an in-line “box” that needs to be hidden inside - the box will not fit through...
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    2016 C 650 GT windshield will not go up and down.

    Yep - you need a dealer to perform the reset. Takes about 10 minutes and my dealer didn’t charge me for it last time I did it.
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    Opinions & Input on 2016 & newer model - C650

    Not true. Not close to true.
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    Is the C650 too much machine to serve as a first-ever bike?

    This is just incorrect. My GT is FAR more top heavy than my 900 pound Chieftain. I have dropped my BMW but never dropped my much larger Indian. Vespas, Buddys, Stella’s, many Piaggios (but definitely not the MP3’s), I agree with you. Not top heavy at all. But the BMW is very top heavy at...
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    windshield and speedometer problems

    Don’t know about the speedo, but I have lost functionality of the windscreen adjustment 2-3 times following a power loss (dead battery). Requires a pretty simple (10 minutes or so) reboot of the operating system at the dealer to fix. May fix the speedo too.
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    What are the most common aftermarket upgrades ? has them - google is your friend. Amazon had them also, but didn’t trust the seller - GPS City is great.
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    2016 C 650 gs what should it sell for ?

    You don't want to ride with them anyway - they go too slow.
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    Rode the scooter in 25 degree F weather last Friday.

    +1 on Freez-Out. That is great stuff and relatively cheap when it is on sale, which is often. I think it may be currently on sale - I saw a recent Cycle Gear circular and it was on sale.
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    Closed circuit (sort of) for SteveADV

    #gluttonformore I just booked my hotel room for Columbus next fall. Assuming the expected fine fall weather, I plan to ride up. If you Ohio guys want to show me around your favorite roads, would love to make that happen - Thursday or Friday before the game or Sunday after. Long way away, but...
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    Rockin Sound System for 2016 BMW C650GT

    I rock a set of custom plugs from Fit-ear. Expensive, but well worth it. Provides great protection from wind and engine noise and allows me to listen to my iPod at about 35% volume. My Chieftain has a stereo, and i use it when I ride that bike, but I prefer my Fir-ears...
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    webBikeWorld compares 1st Gen and 2nd Gen C650 GT's

    Oh. My. Gosh. I can't even imagine.
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    What's your Odometer reading? aka how many miles on your bike?

    Current 13 GT 7000 miles (bought last winter with 2200 miles) First 13 GT 16000 miles (all but 400 mine).
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    Closed circuit (sort of) for SteveADV

    Well, I needed some time, but I have returned. Congrats to the Buckeyes. They were GREAT on Saturday night. I watched a number of plays where every single OSU player 'won" their battle. It was a great atmosphere and a fun night, but my Sooners were whipped. Looking forward to a trip to...
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    Closed circuit (sort of) for SteveADV

    Lots of scarlet and gray in town. Nice to have the visitors. We'll treat em well and send em home with a whooping. A little dance down memory lane to 1977, when there was never more than 2-3 college football games on tv each Saturday. But Switzer and Hayes in the Shoe was. Throw in a great...
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