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  1. Delray

    New C400GT Owner, Albany, NY, Area (May 2022)

    TMax is a good idea. I have long been impressed with the passion owners have for the riding experience. That said, I've never even seen one. BMW C 650 GT is my first choice. It's the only maxi-scooter that lets me stretch my legs out fully without removing the butt rest, like I have to with...
  2. Delray

    New C400GT Owner, Albany, NY, Area (May 2022)

    Mr. Bill, You are, and were, correct, thanks. I have the AAA form filled out and need to get two passport photos taken and mail in the application. Except for the BMW C 400 rental info you helpfully provided for Edelweiss, I've had zero luck finding a maxi-scooter rental. I think the BMW C...
  3. Delray

    Travel and Trips on your 600/650

    The headline and the point of this post, if you want to skip the color commentary below: "Wow, I really enjoy fast, superslab riding on my BMW C 650 GT. That is new to me. I was always a reticent rider on interstates." I am planning a long trip this summer with my bike. Last summer, after I...
  4. Delray

    Diagnostic advice please for 2016 C650 GT - MotoScan App & OBD2 alternative

    Um, because I didn't know you could do that? Great suggestion! Didn't mean to make my process sound "frantic." It's not. Smooth but fast and less than 10 seconds for the changeover, and it works. You just don't want to dally, because the circuit won't "remember" the power supply through a...
  5. Delray

    2020 bmw c650gt rollers placement

    This describes 95% of my riding. I installed 28 gram Dr. Pulley sliders (and you need the four insert pieces) and was very pleased with acceleration and mid-range.
  6. Delray

    Diagnostic advice please for 2016 C650 GT - MotoScan App & OBD2 alternative

    This is anecdotal vs. service manual, but it worked three times while installing new batteries on three different C 650 GT's without disengaging the windscreen: Do it fast. I set up a table and put the new battery next to the one coming off the bike. Literally inches apart. I tape down the...
  7. Delray

    Diagnostic advice please for 2016 C650 GT - MotoScan App & OBD2 alternative

    Search "Motoscan reset windscreen" and you'll see several threads that can help you. To summarize, Motoscan will not reset the screen, although it can reset SERVICE alerts, read and clear fault codes, display performance data, integrate new TPMS sensors (with a wakeup tool) and more. A member...
  8. Delray

    2020 bmw c650gt rollers placement

    Diagram from the BMW manual ....
  9. Delray

    Dr. Pulley Sliders - Online store info

    My fellow South Floridian .... I installed 28 gram Dr. Pulley sliders, the insert pieces and a Mitsuboshi belt on a previous GT. The Dr. Pulley sliders really improved pick up and mid-range performance. I'd highly recommend them. Pretty easy job. The BMW service and repair DVD has detailed...
  10. Delray

    Dec. 17, 2022: Zack Courts / Revzilla Review of CE-04 (36 Minutes)

    Forgot to mention, based on an average sale price of $48,861, I guess I am driving a Japanese "budget-econobox." That's new to me. For most of its decades-long life, the Prius was priced solidly between basic and luxury cars, not quite either. It was as unusual as its butt-ugly shape. I love...
  11. Delray

    Dec. 17, 2022: Zack Courts / Revzilla Review of CE-04 (36 Minutes)

    To borrow from Crazy Eddie, those prices are insane. $48,861 for the average new car? Caveat emptor, I guess. I only buy when I find really good deals. Two years ago, I bought a creampuff '11 Prius in beautiful Barcelona Red with 104,500 miles for $5,700 (bought it from an attorney who was...
  12. Delray

    Dec. 17, 2022: Zack Courts / Revzilla Review of CE-04 (36 Minutes)

    Good review, thanks for posting. Didn't realize this bike has a reverse gear. I still need to sit on one to decide -- need to stretch my legs out fully, although I know there is a flat bench seat option that lets a 7-foot man stretch out fully. My main hurdle is still the 80-mile range...
  13. Delray

    logiciel rsd

    Software is available in: English, US English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Polish, Chinese, Thai. DVD comes in the language of the country of purchase. Only Windows PC. Le logiciel est disponible en: Anglais, Anglais US, Français, Espagnol...
  14. Delray

    Best way to install new replacement low beam bulb

    For anyone looking to change the low beam bulb, here is a link to a tutorial .... If you have mitts the size of The Hulk, maybe enlist someone with smaller hands and guide them through the process? It's...
  15. Delray

    BMW C650GT Seat Lock

    So, is it a secret? Why not share it? You asked for help. Maybe your solution can help another.
  16. Delray

    BMW C650GT Seat Lock

    My Prius has the same feature. It helps when the manufacturers idiot-proof such things. I wonder if one key (fob) is a trend with new vehicles? Any CE 04 owners want to chime in? The 2003 Silver Wing I bought up in Plattsburgh this summer came with one key for the bike and one for the GIVI...
  17. Delray

    New Sport guy here

    Hy Someone posted previously that hydraulic tensioners have an oil line feed. Mechanical tensioners do not.
  18. Delray

    BMW C650GT Seat Lock

    Wish I had a helpful solution but I don't. I will offer two suggestions that can help others. I don't offer them to scold or pile-on the two previous posters. I feel badly for them. I'd probably end up towing the bike to a dealer and have them yank out the ignition and re-key it, at significant...
  19. Delray

    2 Years Later

    Great choice of bikes. Color strips look sharp on the GT and love the Corbin seat on the Triumph. I've had four Corbins. A few years ago, I was in Corbin's Florida showroom waiting for a seat install on my 2016 Burgman 650 and sat on Mike Corbin's Triumph, which he keeps in the showroom so he...
  20. Delray

    Private seller on Reddit

    Thanks for sharing. Very interesting. Pretty sure I'll own a CE 04 someday but might wait a few years until the 80-mile (on a windy day, downhill) range increases. Also need to sit on one to make sure that little butt bump accomodates a full leg stretch -- I know flat seats are available...
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