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  1. Xian Forbes

    A New Type of Hat

    Vertical split of the clamshell lid is right where the electronics would go, speakers specifically. You'd have to mount the communications device forward of the split, but the rest, I don't think it would work. Sent from my HTC Desire Eye using Tapatalk
  2. Xian Forbes

    A New Type of Hat

    No possibility of in helmet communication with this design. Sent from my HTC Desire Eye using Tapatalk
  3. Xian Forbes

    Paul in Iowa

    Where in Iowa are you located Paul? I have family there in Jefferson near Ames, and am considering moving there at some point. I find it to be a great place to be. Sent from my HTC Desire Eye using Tapatalk
  4. Xian Forbes

    2016's On The US BMW Website

    Oh, I duuno Jamie. I suppose if I really just wanted function I'd have gone for the GT. I think fashion does play some role in vehicle purchases. HD has been very successful in this regard. I'm saving my judgement until I get my hands on one and can compare to mine. I am pleased that the...
  5. Xian Forbes

    2016's On The US BMW Website

    I've just seen the new sport on the web site. Admittedly I've not taken the time to read up on the new features. Asc seems interesting, my wife's 2013 150cc Vespa has that feature. My first thought is... I'm not that impressed with the new look of the Sport. I loved the angular lines on my...
  6. Xian Forbes

    Can It Go On The Freeway?

    Is HD finally publishing hp specs? I know for the longest time they're advertising sheets focused on fashion and history. Sent from my HTC Desire Eye using Tapatalk
  7. Xian Forbes

    Can It Go On The Freeway?

    My dad brought home an 883 one day. So, when out for a visit, I took it out for a few hours. That bike did not like going on the freeway. Anything over 60mph and I thought my fillings were being shaken loose. So, maybe some HD owners might not appreciate a smooth running 650 that can run at fast...
  8. Xian Forbes

    Scooter Coat Installiation

    Yes I do. As long as it's not too warm I prefer to ride with "All modern conveniences" in place. Now that I live in Monterey, where the average road speeds are 40mph I've been riding my wife's 946 that also has a lap apron attached. I just totally dig keeping cold wet air off my legs. Whenever...
  9. Xian Forbes

    Roll Call Fall 2015

    -C6 Sport -946 Ricordo Italiano -Lambretta RB 240 Sent from my HTC Desire Eye using Tapatalk
  10. Xian Forbes

    C600 Sport goodies for sale...

    If you want to talk I can be reached at [email protected]
  11. Xian Forbes

    C600 Sport goodies for sale...

    I'll be interested in saddle bags, throttle lock, maybe windscreen... But not until after my wedding in mid September if still available, all resources are currently earmarked for wedding expenses. Thanks
  12. Xian Forbes

    Wunderlich Wind Deflector install

    Please give your thoughts on this item after you've put a few miles on it. I'm very interested in this deflector and works like to know which one to get. I'm leaning towards the big giant one.
  13. Xian Forbes

    I have come to one inescapable conclusion.

    I'm with you 100% Exavid. As a commercial pilot and flight instructor who's not been in the business since 9/11. My two wheelers fill the gap fairly well where the aircraft left off.
  14. Xian Forbes

    Timing chain and other problems solved

    So... I'm looking into tires and I thought I'd try the Metzlers. I can't find them at any of the normal on line sellers. Any idea on where to get them? I found the Diablos but I thought there must be something with better longevity. Any thoughts gentlemen?
  15. Xian Forbes

    2014 C650GT Scooter "For Sale"

    I think I paid right around 200 clams for my first service. 375 is suspect. I'd bitch 'em out a bit over that one.
  16. Xian Forbes

    Looking at Scooters in the Muddle of California

    The more I think of it the more I appreciate the BV. I saw one yesterday and got to thinking of this thread. It might be a fair compromise of size, speed and cost. Bigger wheels are of course a plus. I've just been a vintage scooter boy for 20+ years so I naturally gravitate towards...
  17. Xian Forbes

    2014 C650GT Scooter "For Sale"

    Owning a BMW means getting comfortable with their preventative maintenance schedule. Shop time is what it is per hour and I'm fairly certain Honda Yamaha Kawasaki HD are prob about in the same ballpark on shop time labor.
  18. Xian Forbes

    Helmets - again!!

    I'm never going to wear a simple brain bucket ever again. Full face for me or I'm not riding. I shared a video on a classic scooter hooligan forum of a kid south of the border after an accident. Ill spare you the details, but let's just say his face, was just not there anymore.
  19. Xian Forbes

    Looking at Scooters in the Muddle of California

    I stopped at C600 because I was interested in touring with the missus as well as still remaining sporty enough to compliment my juvenile attitude. About the only thing I'd say to consider is the weight. 550 lbs is not overly tubby but when compared to a GTS it's huge. Out on the open road it's a...
  20. Xian Forbes

    Communication/ Blue Tooth qeustions

    Sena's secret power is the jog wheel. That is what sets it out from the rest. The 3s looks interesting but I'm wondering how easy it will be to use with gloves hands? As to whether to buy the 5 vs 10. I have the 5fm and it's perfect for what I need. After nearly two years of daily commuting use...
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