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    Hesitation at slow steady speed

    I have a 2013 600 sport. I find that at slow speed, it is helpful to place my right hand a little on the bar end to stabilize the throttle as I twist it. Almost like "cruise control". I have a bumpy gravel uphill driveway and it is especially helpful there to smooth out the throttle.
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    Bark Busters for C650 GT

    I've got them on my c600 sport. They work great, allowing for normal gloves in winter. I did have to make a washer to go at the end of the grip, before the bar weight. Used a stainless gromit from an old tarp. You'll have to mess with it a bit to make sure it doesn't interfere with brake...
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    Swing arm oil leak?

    I've got a 2013 c600 with about 4000 miles on it. For a while, I've noticed grime and grease on the swing arm in the back. It appears to come from the vent area and congregates around the bolts. Here's a photo. I live up a gravel driveway, so pay no attention to the dirt. It's the oil/grime...
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    Duplicate key?

    Has anyone had a duplicate key made? Purhcased c600 used with only one key and would like a duplicate. Thinking it might have a chip or digital thing since it is a bmw! Thanks
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    Is the C650 too much machine to serve as a first-ever bike?

    I am a new rider and had my c600 for about a month. I took the BRC course and highly recommend it and also had a friend who helped me get comfortable on a vintage honda 450. I find the c600 to be very manageable for me, 5'9" 160lbs, and I live in the mountains. The one place where I feel...
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