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  1. exavid

    Slow rolling starts make a horrible noise..

    Sounds like a belt slipping,. When I got my current Silverwing it made a pretty loud squeal starting out. I've seen it before on a previous SW I had. Riding it like I just stole it cleared up the polish on the belt and the noise stopped. Slow starts and acceleration can leave rubber on the face...
  2. exavid

    650 GT Ground Clearance

    They call them sacrificial because when you push too hard in the twisties you'll hear them grind on the road letting you know you are at the limits of ground clearance. I went through several of them. It wasn't my fault, that BMW handles similar to a sport bike and just asks to hit the curves...
  3. exavid

    BMW C650 GT vs. Burgman 650

    I have owned the Honda Silverwing scooter, Burgman 650 scooter, and the BMW C650GT scooter. Best performance: BMW 650GT. Handles like a BMW. I didn't like the B650 scooter mainly because of the terrible electrically controlled CVT system. The Honda Silverwing and BMW both use a flyweight system...
  4. exavid

    brand new C400X - stalls

    Been awhile since I've been here. I really liked the '13 C650GT I had but sold back in August. It was a great bike to ride, excellent performance but lack of available shop manuals, poor parts support online and a couple of gripes were some of the things that drove me away from the bike. Not to...
  5. exavid

    How Does the C 650 GT Ride on Gravel?

    One of my favorite places is a pull off on a mountain near Medford where you can see most of the vallwy and city. The road is curvy and gravel with S curves. The GT handled the road with aplomb. Just for a test I hit the brakes firmly a couple times on the way down and the bike responded...
  6. exavid

    Dealership Disaster

    Photos won't help too much unless you have some way to prove they were taken just before you left it at the dealershop. I had a problem with a Honda dealership damaging my Goldwing GL1800 but couldn't prove the picture's age. A cellphone picture taken with the BMW dealership in the background...
  7. exavid

    Hanging up the helmet.

    I fully agree with your description of the GT. It's is the primo scooter in the United States. I liked mine very much. A combination of increasing weakness and arthritis caused me to move down to the smaller scooter. I've had Silverwings before and know I'll have no problem getting it up on the...
  8. exavid

    Hanging up the helmet.

    My GT is gone. I sold it to a niece older fellow from Ventur, CA. We just loaded it onto his trailer and he headed South. I really enjoyed that scooter but since I'm only running around town with my longest rides are only 40 or 50 miles locally I don't need such a large scooter. I pick up a nice...
  9. exavid

    Looks like it's getting close to the time to hang up my helmet.

    Cramp Busters are indeed a help. I cut the extended end of mine down to about two inches long. That still works when you lay your palm on the throttle but doesn't snag a glove or sleeve as happened several times before I cut it down. Thanks for the advice, unfortunately the arthritis along with...
  10. exavid

    Chain tension problem?

    My '13 GT shares the garage with my K1100LT so it doesn't get all that much mileage for its age. At 12,200 miles the chain tension hasn't changed much. Still still in spec. I ride pretty hard on the GT, I've replaced those little warning scrapers on the center stand a couple of times now. I keep...
  11. exavid

    Corbin Saddle for 2nd Gen c650 gt.

    I had one on my '13 GT. It looked and felt great, black with red stitching and piping. Unfortunately the seat pan they made didn't fit nearly as well as the OME pan. The stock seat pan has two lugs to center the seat when closed and Corbin didn't have any. Also it didtn't really fit very well...
  12. exavid

    Round Diagnostic Port Location?

    Much easier on the earlier ones, round plug just under the seat on the left side near the seat hinge.
  13. exavid

    Looks like it's getting close to the time to hang up my helmet.

    Old age is a bummer! At 76 my arthritis is becoming more than an annoyance. Two weeks ago I made a short trip, about 120 miles in total and the next day my right wrist was on fire for two days. I've ridden 62 years now started with a Cushman scooter and had quite a bunch of different motorcycles...
  14. exavid

    Front tyre wear

    I got about 5000 out of my first front tire, a bit more on the rear. I'm now on the third front tire with only 12000miles on the bike and just about ready for a third rear tire. I'm also on my third set of those little "curb feeler" things on the the center stand that hit the road when you're...
  15. exavid

    Stop-Sell order issued..

    Talked to the local dealer here who did the original modification on my 2013 a couple years ago. He says that the original fix is having some problems and that they are still having some chafing. If you already had the modification on your bike as I did you'll still need to get the new one done...
  16. exavid

    Battery tender use with 2018 C650GT -- some questions

    Ya young whippersnapper some of us geezers have weak eyes and faltering fingers. Besides what's a 100 years either way any how? Yeah, yeah I fixed it. Seriously however you do it with a pigtail or a permanent socket for the battery charger it's a very good practice to put a current limiting...
  17. exavid

    Stop-Sell order issued..

    Strange my bike had that recall done over a year ago at least.
  18. exavid

    Battery tender use with 2018 C650GT -- some questions

    I wired a 12V coax socket directly from the battery through a five amp fuse to a spot on the handlebar cover just under the handlebar. I put it there so it would be a convenient spot to plug in my Gerbings heated glove and jacket liner controller. I use that connector to plug the battery tender...
  19. exavid

    First ride -- 2018 C650GT

    The GT does have a lower CG than most of the motorcycles I've owned. Mostly it's because its fuel tank is quite low and the engine is inclined like a regular cycle. It's GG is higher than a Silverwing scooter but that's mostly because of the larger wheels on the GT. I've had a Silverwing 600 and...
  20. exavid

    First ride -- 2018 C650GT

    Yes indeed it will do better than 80. I've had mine to 116mph measured by GPS (on a closed section of roadway of course). It was pretty well against the wall at that speed. That was with the top box removed and the windscreen fairly low. But I didn't have to duck down. I was wearing my modular...
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