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    Bmw c650 gt for sale

    I purchased brand new a 2015 BMW C650 GT early this spring. It has about 1600 miles, never dropped or crashed. If I ride anymore it will be on a smaller scooter just to putter around town on. I'm asking $5500 and I have the title in hand. Pictures can be available as soon as I take some, but it...
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    Noise When Cold

    Here is my bill: "Unable to confirm complaint as described. Checked for relevant bulletins and none apply to this motorcycle. Noticed that 600 mile service had not been performed. Checked chain slack at final drive. Found to be out of spec. Replaced chain rail #1 with #3 tensioner rail". So I...
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    Noise When Cold

    I brought in my bike for the clatter noise to the dealer I bought it from and told them that I thought the problem was the chain tensioner. Today I got a call and they told me that the problem wasn't the chain tensioner but the guide rails were loose and had to be replaced and that they are wear...
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    Is the C650 too much machine to serve as a first-ever bike?

    I have owned 3 Suzuki Burgman 650s, One Honda Silverwing, a Kymco Peoples GT 300i, and I'm on my second BMW C650GT. For commuting and long rides the BMW was best for me, but for around town and in city traffic the Kymco was the best. The Kymco is very nimble, I'm 5'10 220 and the bike had plenty...
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    Noise When Cold

    How much time is needed to change out the chain tensioner? I live over an hour away from the dealer so if mine has to be changed out I will have to bother someone for a ride. The dealer still has my trade so maybe he will let me take it as a loaner if needed.
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    Noise When Cold

    I talked to a motorhead and he thinks it is the oil. I use the recommended 15x50 from BMW and I changed my oil a couple of weeks ago. The oil I used I had sitting on the shelf for three or four years never opened so I wonder if the oil can go bad and that is why they recommend changing after so...
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    Noise When Cold

    So do you think that is normal? I thought something wasn't getting lubed when the oil was cold and once the oil warmed up and thinned out it did?
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    Noise When Cold

    I'm just checking to see if my bike is normal. Does anyone else notice a very noticeable clatter sound that changes when you open and close the throttle? It goes away when the bike is warmed up in about 3 or 4 miles.
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    C650gt for sale

    Sold. Sold. Sold.
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    C650gt for sale

    I've decided to give up riding and sell my 2013 C650GT with the premium package (heated seat, Handle bars, electric windshield) 5100 miles. It has never been dropped or crashed, has had timing chain tensioner recall taken care of and will need a new front tire soon. I have one on order and I...
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    Battery tender

    I have a battery tender that I was going to plug it into the 12V accessory port in the left side storage compartment. The owners manual wasn't clear to me if that is how to keep the battery charged. The owner's manual said not to use the 12V port to charge a dead battery. My battery is not dead...
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    Roadside Assistance Recommendations?

    I have roadside assistance thru Verizon Wireless for $3.00 per month. I specifically asked if it covers motorcycles and I was told it does, and it covers any vehicle you are with. I've never had to use it so I can't say if it is any good. They only tow 10 miles for free, after that it's by the mile.
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    New Honda Scooter?

    It reminds me of the DN-01 I once owned, the most uncomfortable bike I ever rode.
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    I get a message at the top of the page on Fuelly that says they just went through a major update and to notify them if something isn't working. I have a feeling any new additions to Fuelly will show up and older entries might have to be reentered? Just a guess?
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    When I browse vehicles I do not see a C600rr? I do see 2 C600 sport and one C650GT - (mine)
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    When I try to copy the link it opens to my dashboard, but the address is
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    I just logged my fill-ups on and I was surprised to see that I am the first to do so. It is a good way to see what others are getting for gas mileage. 2 C600 are listed so there is a listing for both bikes.
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    Wobbly Mirrors....

    Mine shake on rough surfaces.
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    BEST bang for your BUCK...Dr. Pulley Sliders for your variator

    Could these cause stress on other components like the Chain Tensioner?
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    600 mile maintenance cost

    Here is a pic of the strainer. It has 2 o-ring seals, 1 on each end.
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