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  1. Cervidae

    Vibration / tictic sound at lower speed

    I have a ticking sound as well which appears to be more hearable when the outside temperature is higher. I found that the locking mechanism of the flexcase, causes the ticking sound. This mechanism excists out of two metal parts. Later i will add a tape or maybe a silicon tube to it to prevent...
  2. Cervidae

    LED flickering/flashing brakes lights

    Ah ok tnx. so just + and -, no signal wire
  3. Cervidae

    LED flickering/flashing brakes lights

    Nice, can you tell to what wires you connected the Skene lights to?
  4. Cervidae

    Installing customized GoPro mount in front of the windshield C400GT (2021)

    Nice, i am considering getting another actioncam which i then would like to attach to my helmet.
  5. Cervidae

    Installing customized GoPro mount in front of the windshield C400GT (2021)

    Thank you. For those wondering about why i am using another quick-release system, thats because in the first week the original gopro quick-release broke while squeezing the two sides in order to release it. For now i found a more solid quick-release that i have more confidence in. I might change...
  6. Cervidae

    Installing customized GoPro mount in front of the windshield C400GT (2021)

    Pictures are pretty much self explaining. Two slots in the strip are 18mm so the rubber will pass trough. Added picture 8. Moved the weakest point away from the plastic parts.
  7. Rdam.jpg


  8. Cervidae

    Installing Shad SH58X top case (with backrest) on an original BMW luggage rack - BMW C400GT (2021)

    Installed the Shad SH58X topcase (with backrest) using the original luggage rack and the Shad mountingplate. I had it installed twice. Initially it was too close to the buddyseat leaving too little space for an adult passenger. Picture 1 - slots used Picture 2 - extended two frontside slots...
  9. IMG_1788kl.jpg


    Quickly drove the first kilometers before bad weather hits this area
  10. IMG_1791kl.jpg


    The Gray color turns out nice in different light conditions
  11. My C400GT

    My C400GT

    C400GT photo story
  12. Delivery C400GT resize.jpg

    Delivery C400GT resize.jpg

    Picked up my motorcycle today (10 march 2021) at a local dealer. Due to bad weather conditions i couldn't tour but drove it home waiting for better weather.
  13. My C400GT

    My C400GT

    My C400GT photo story
  14. Cervidae

    Suggestions on how to lower seat height

    For those wondering, the original seat height is 775mm / 30.5 inch, the lower seat is 760mm / 29.9 inch
  15. Cervidae

    Suggestions on how to lower seat height

    Thank you for your response. I will have to look for motorbikeshoes anyway. Eventhough the height of the bike is not that bad, its just a little bit higher then the Suzuki Burgman i used to drive. Tnx
  16. Cervidae

    New member welcome thread..

    Hallo i am from the netherlands and joined this forum because i bought a C400GT (incl extended warranty and service inclusive). Since there is a lot of information shared in this forum regarding both positive as negative infomration, i decided to join. I tend to share my experience with the...
  17. Cervidae

    Suggestions on how to lower seat height

    Hello, i bought a C400GT which is delivered next week. I am considering buying the lower OEM buddyseat but according to the dealer the difference is minimal and it might not be worth it. So what is your experience with the lower seat?
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